Financial products, especially mortgages, are complex and varied. There are thousands to choose from. Many organisations suggest that it’s as easy as buying books or CD’s online, through an internet comparison site or similar. We believe this is very misleading and could be financially disastrous.

Money HousesIf selecting the best mortgage, life cover, home insurance etc. for your circumstances is so easy, how come the Financial Conduct Authority regulates Financial Advisers so thoroughly, to ensure the quality of their advice and why do Financial Advisers have to be so highly qualified?

See what we mean?

Why take the risks of making the wrong choices, which could cost you thousands of pounds, when we can provide you with our professional guidance, based on many years of experience and qualifications – Free of charge?

Shire Financial Management asks the questions, look into your future, give straight-talking advice and find the right financial solution by:

  • identifying your short, medium and long-term goals;
  • clarifying precisely what you want from life;
  • mapping out your route to get there;
  • making easy to understand product recommendations;
  • adjusting your plan during significant life changes.

Being independent we will look after your personal interests. With access to the entire financial market, we can search thousands of options to find the most suitable products and services for you.

Shire Financial Management are specialists in all types of Mortgages and Protection, providing Independent advice and we hope we can help you with a personally tailored financial solution. We work closely with our clients, adding value with excellent service and as a result, most of our business comes from personal recommendations.

There are many reasons why you may be seeking financial advice but these are perhaps a few:

  • To save you money,
  • To save you time and effort,
  • To provide ideas,  guidance and reassurance,
  • To check your existing financial arrangements.
  • To make you money,

If you are thinking about creating and putting your financial plan into action, we may consider things you’ve not. Why not talk it through with us by taking advantage of our Free Financial Consultation?