Life Insurance

Life Insurance – because your family is worth it

Couple with babyWe provide fee, impartial and Independant advice on all forms of Life Insurance, in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and throughout the UK. Life Insurance is an affordable way to protect your family’s lifestyle and give them a secure future if you’re no longer around. You can choose the level of cover required. If you die, your assurance policy will pay out a lump sum or regular income for the amount you insure yourself for (view some important reading here).

Anyone with family and financial obligations shouldn’t think ‘do I need it?’ but rather ‘what kind of protection do I need and how much?’ Different life insurance policies suit different needs.

Term Assurance
Whole of Life Insurance
How much cover is enough?

There are probably two reasons why you are reading this page:

•  You are thinking about taking out some life insurance to protect you and your family or your business. If that is the case then, After familiarising yourself with the details above, contact us and we can tailor your life cover to meet your current circumstances.


•  You already have some life insurance, but you feel that you might be paying too much money on your premiums. If this is your position, read on ….

The cost of Life insurance has fallen considerably

Life insurance premiums have fallen by an average of 40% in the last 5 years, leaving many people paying too much for their life insurance. In some cases, people could be saving more than 50% on their life insurance, compared to their current premiums.

Cheap Life Insurance

Is this the correct thing to look for? Logic tells us that you can’t buy a ‘Rolls Royce for the same price as a Mini’ and ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, yet many comparison websites and supermarket (type) providers would have you believe the above is easy to achieve.

We beg to differ, as with most things in life – you get what you pay for. Isn’t the financial welfare of your Family too important to take risks with?

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