Best rates


A much-used term in the mortgage and financial market but what, exactly, does it mean?

We believe it means different things to many people, that there is no ‘Best Mortgage Rate‘ for everyone. Why? Because we all have different needs to meet our own circumstances; one size does not fit all! With thousands of mortgage products currently available, there clearly must be many ‘best rates’. That said, each of us wants to believe we have the ‘best rate’ and that we are not paying more than we need to.

These days it is possible to do a lot of research on the Internet, to try to find a better mortgage product. However, as stated above, with thousands to choose from, how confident can one be that a chosen product is the right one or ‘best’ one? Getting it ‘wrong’ by just 0.5% will lose £500 per year on a mortgage of £100,000, which could lose you £12,500 over a typical 25 year term!

There are so many factors to consider, for example:-

  • Is now the right time to use a Fixed Rate or might a Tracker or Discounted Rate be more advantageous?
  • What are ‘Offset‘, ‘Current Account‘, ‘Australian’ mortgages and are they right for you?
  • Are there merits to ISA, Endowment, Pension mortgages and which is best? Are any of them suitable or preferable for you?
  • Capital Rest – what does this mean and how does it affect a mortgage?

The list goes on. Most people find it overwhelming at worst, confusing and time-consuming at best.

Why wrestle with all this when you can leave it to the experts? We have many years of experience and knowledge of the market, use the latest research technology and often have access to Exclusive Products that are only available through Professional Mortgage Brokers like us.

Let us take away the risks, time and trouble for you. We will provide all the help you need to ‘get it right’.

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