Remortgage is the term used to describe the process of changing your mortgage product or obtaining a mortgage on a property that is not currently mortgaged.

Whether you wish to remortgage a property in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, somewhere else in the Midlands, Wales or indeed anywhere in the UK, we can help you and make the process much easier.

Getting the best remortgage product that is right for you is what we do best. Let us compare remortgage deals to help you to find the best remortgage deals to suit your needs.

Homeowners may decide to remortgage because they:

  • want to try to obtain a better interest rate than their current deal;
  • have come off a mortgage product and want to find the best product for the period ahead, or
  • need to work out their repayments to accommodate a change in their lifestyle, or
  • they have other credit/debts that they wish to incorporate into their mortgage, to reduce their outgoings.

So if you are looking to remortgage? Where might you start?

Get Professional Advice
Just because you have already arranged a mortgage previously, it does not negate the need for Professional Advice. Since you took out your last mortgage, your needs may have changed and new mortgage products will have come onto the market. Accordingly, a Mortgage Adviser’s help could prove most valuable.

Loyalty usually costs
If you are loyal to a particular Bank or Building Society, your loyalty could be costing you money. One of the most important remortgage tips is that shopping around may save you money – possibly, a lot of money.

At Shire Financial Management, we have access to the entire market of mortgage products. We compare all remortgage deals  and  give unbiased mortgage advice on a considerable range of different products, because we are not tied to any particular provider. In other words –  we are fully Independent.

Do not delay
If you have seen a mortgage product you like the look of, it may make sense not to hang around as it may not be available forever. Interest rates may change or other issues in the financial world conspire to have an effect on what may be available, you may wish to get a new mortgage sorted as soon as possible.

Time for a tidy up?
Whilst not strictly speaking part of a list of remortgage tips, have you looked at your finances as a whole recently? Whether you have remortgaged to get a better deal, or because a life-changing event prompted you to consider your options, you may wish to use the moment to take stock of your other financial affairs. For instance, your Will may need updating (or you may not have one), or you may have freed-up some spare money with your remortgage deal that could be invested elsewhere. You may wish to speak to your Independent Financial Adviser (us) about these issues.