Last will and testamentApparently, up to 70% of the UK population doesn’t have a Will (or at least a valid Will), so if you haven’t, you are likely to share these consequences with them:

  • Without any clear instructions from you, the Government says that most (but not all) of what you own will go to your spouse.
  • The remainder of the estate will go to your children and if necessary assets from the estate (including the home that your spouse was hoping to live in) could have to be sold in order for your children to receive their inheritance.
  • The tax man may also want ‘Inheritance Tax’ depending on the value of your estate.  This has to be paid before anyone else receives their share.
  • If you have dependant children and both parents die, the courts will have to decide who is to look after them and this may not be family!
  • If you and your partner are not married or in a civil partnership you will not automatically inherit from each other. This could cause huge financial hardship for whoever is left behind.
  • Your family will have months if not years of hassle trying to sort out your affairs. Usually the Bank and/or Solicitors will charge (whatever they like) to sort out the mess, often making themselves major beneficiaries as a result!

It doesn’t have to be this way! Make a Will and you can say who gets what, who you want as legal guardian’s for your children AND with careful planning you may be able to reduce or even avoid paying Inheritance Tax. You will also save your loved ones months and months of hassle and stress..!

For further information, please contact us and we will refer you onto one of the UK’s major Will-writing firms of Solicitors, who will write the will for you.

It only takes 15 minutes of your time over the telephone…..and the price is only £100 + VAT for a single will or £150 + VAT for a joint mirror will. Not only is this a very modest price but it pales compared to the time, costs and difficulties resulting from having no Will(s).

Can you think of a reason not to?

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